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"My first ThetaHealing session with you was absolutely incredible! It led to a much greater understanding of who I am, which brought me much peace. I also experienced a boost in my energy levels. I feel this is because you removed all of the energy I had absorbed throughout my life and because you removed so many hooks that people have energetically placed in me. The focus of the session was career and this session led to huge changes in this way. You identified me as a healer, something I struggled to accept, but it was reflected back to me many times after this session. So much Divine Guidance caused me to leave my career and go back to school. I am halfway through my holistic health practitioner program and looking toward my next program. This session was so profound for my life and self. Thank you so incredibly much! " 


                                                           Christina, California

"I’ve been learning and working with Vivian for almost 10 years now. Since my first session with her, I have grown so much in my personal development, relationships, and professionally. It has been one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life. I remember a time when so many challenging things were happening to me all at once. From starting a non-profit to dealing with unexpected personal issues- the struggle was real. Vivian’s ability to carefully listen and hold space for me to see myself more clearly, past experiences and traumas that prevented me from becoming more efficient and effective in overcoming my life challenges successfully. Vivian also helped me harness my strengths by addressing where my fears steam from and how to release and heal the thoughts and stuck emotions that kept me away from experiencing more satisfaction in my everyday life for my highest and best. "

                                                         BB M., California

"I had a Zoom call for my first session with Vivian. I felt an immediate connection with her. I was surprised by the peacefulness and sincerity I felt from her even over Zoom. During the session, I was able to connect with my inner wisdom and fall into a deep meditation in which Vivian guided and supported me. Vivian made sure I felt in control and empowered throughout my session. Vivian guided me to a place of deep love and support prior to helping me work through some difficult things from my past. I felt a lasting impact after just one session, and I want to keep going to that place of inner peace and love. I cannot wait to work with her again. "


                                                         Laura H., Colorado

"I have been working with Vivian for the past 2 years. When you are running a company and are the key decision-maker, it creates a lot of stress and anxiety. Vivian has helped me work past this to feel confident in my work, and my decisions, and reduce anxiety. Personally, my mom passed away on December 2nd, 2020 which was a real challenge. I was the sole caretaker for her, my wife had just given birth and so it was an extremely trying time. Again, through Vivian, I was able to release and grieve properly for my mom, handle the stress of taking care of a newborn, and make sure that I'm giving as much attention to my wife as possible. I cannot thank Vivian enough for being a bright and shining guiding light through these challenging life moments. Not only did Vivian help at that moment, but she gave me the tools to continue to work on myself and help others around me. "


                                                        Rich H., California

"When I first started medical school a few years ago, I felt anxious and overwhelmed by its challenges and demanding schedule. I quickly became unsure of whether I had chosen the right path, and was feeling extremely helpless. I knew that I wanted to talk to someone who could see my soul for who I was, not read off my resume and see my GPA to determine if I could make it through medical school. Fortunately, Vivian was able to conduct a ThetaHealing session with me to clarify my confusion and imbue healing energy and light to the situation. I immediately felt relaxed by her gentle, calm, positive energy. She easily helped elucidate my underlying fears of success, while defining my goals and identity. Through this transformational healing session, I was able to confront hidden subconscious beliefs and old emotional traumas that had paralyzed me and made me feel extremely vulnerable and doubtful of myself. This deep healing helped restore self-confidence and hope to achieve what I truly wanted. Hence, I am extremely grateful for her support during this time of my life."


                                                                       S.S. California

"Dear Vivian 老師 謝謝妳!當我的希塔療癒老師。其實在上希塔療癒課之前我有去別的地方做希塔體驗,還有朋友介紹她自己的老師也有開希塔療癒課程但當下的我都被其他事情卡住了。直到有一天我在滑Facebook 看到妳的這一堂課的時間、地點,我都可以接受的狀態下就報名了,我還拉著老公一起報名。 還記得在第一天上了妳的課之後覺得,老師是一位非常有耐心及親和力的人,尤其是在上課過程中 ;無論我們有什麼樣的問題都會一一為我們解答以及下課後也都細心的為我們排解在家練習後發現的疑難雜症。 而我印象深刻的是,在初階與進階課程裏;我們會有一些示範與練習。當時被選上做示範;我還記得是有關「怨恨」這個議題。其實我從沒有想過這個議題牽連到很多更深層的問題!就這樣老師一步一步的幫我處理了「怨恨自己」這個議題也讓我看到了,接下來將要面對的議題。那時候發現,原來清除與化解負面信念對每個人來說都很重要也能很輕鬆 ;只要我們內心打開 接受 就可以改變。這有別於我以往的經驗。 而在課堂裡所認識的同學們都很可愛也很認真。上課時大家一起分享自己的經驗,下課後大家都還會一起聚餐或是有線上的練習。我覺得很棒很美好!還有老師在課後的幾個月都會選特定時間來為我們解答 成為療癒師後遇到的問題與困難。這我由衷的感謝妳與大家。這是我上過的身心靈課程最受用的一個!方法簡單明瞭也很直接~ 我要繼續走在這條路上幫助更多的人。希望有一天能跟老師一樣成為很棒的療癒師!"


                                                                Vanessa T., Taiwan

"幸運的,有了這麼一段驚喜的體驗! 憑著直覺,ㄧ口氣報名了倩雯老師的希塔療癒師初階、進階和深度挖掘工作坊。 潛意識,ㄧ直是我想深入探究的主題。療癒,是我近幾年想深入學習的領域。希塔療癒,針對潛意識做療癒!夫復何求? 真誠傳遞與分享專業技能,不嘩眾取寵,是的,很開心且自豪的,我吸引到這樣的老師! 再者,對於教學,我向來是要求嚴格(尤其是付費及專業的課程)! 老師十幾年的希塔療癒個案實務經驗,不間斷地進修創辦人親授課程,個案實例說明信手捻來、深入淺出,輔以相關領域的廣泛涉獵。 根基紮實、專業經驗豐富及持續虛心學習,正是我心目中好老師的標準模範! 此外,對於我這高敏感人而言,師生互動的能量亦為課程中重要的一環。老師的專業及溫暖、同學的真誠及敞開,課堂上的能量流動好舒服! 課程期間,我整個人處於亢奮狀態,在想,應該是靈魂的渴求得到應允了吧! 課程中,老師幫我們下載一些信念及做DNA活化等,我們躺著,我在想,咦?真這麼簡易嗎?就只下載就成真? ㄧ天,上午的課,同學們問題踴躍,老師悉心答覆,我幾次看時間,都懷疑手機是不是有問題?時間怎麼變慢了⋯⋯什麼?希塔療癒竟可調整時間!也太神奇! 課程結束後,ㄧ些奇妙的事情發生了! 近視度數減輕、家中盆栽三天內以驚人速度發芽及盛開、班上ㄧ位專注力不足且不合作的小學生,乖巧地加速練習、靠近我且跟我合作、鄰居主動清掃公共樓梯等,ㄧ連串令人驚喜的事! 感謝這一切的發生!是啊!都成真了! 我的直覺是對的,期待倩雯老師日後的其它進階課程!衷心感謝老師的教導及帶領! "


                                                                       Kelly C. Taiwan

"父親基本上是個無神論者,這信念也遺傳了我,我的內心和所謂的神很難連結 但是我很喜歡靜坐及冥想,後耒也才因緣進入Kundalini Yoga的練習! 就在前年,我的內心突然很想知道,到底所謂宇宙的創造者,究竟哪裡? 然後很巧的,倩雯老師突然耒台北開課,我和她聊了一下,感覺希塔療癒並不強調療癒及靈通感應力,甚至有一個影片,是日本醫師竟然把它搭配作用在病人身上,且效果很好。 曾經有一次倩雯老師幫我做個案 挖掘到我的身上有所謂的同胞兄弟 然後很奇妙的,她叫出了名字,我突然發出像小孩子的抽稸哭泣聲,她為我做了移除與療癒, 完成之後,我感覺到心口從小到大,莫名的哀傷與壓力,好像大石頭被搬開一般,有一種平靜的喜悅! 這是一個我不曾對人言的困擾 母親生我時不足月,又因為難產 造成她沒有再生育,我小時候在外婆家長大 我最怕鬼,因為我可以看到,但是大人都叫我不要講,也不知道是不是這個緣故 我從一出生就一直生病大小不斷,一直到上國中,這期間各種醫生都看過,就是無法斷病根 無神論的父親,甚至沒有辦法之下,還經由别人強力推薦,帶我去找廟宇乩童收驚喝恐怖的符水,我那時候大概是幼稚園大,一把大刀在我身上上下比畫,還往我身上噴水,這個恐怖的印象,讓我從此遠離廟宇宗教,及有所謂特殊能力的人士。 我雖然喜歡和其他小朋友玩,不過我總會感覺到有一股想把别人隔離推開的冷漠, 不是我,又是我,很難解釋。倩雯老師說了一些緣故,我回想小時候的經驗,非常應證。 後來上了初、進階課程,我才有了更深的理解 寫這段經歷,對我非常難,因為太公開,我還不習慣對陌生人剖白。 這不是在說它有多玄妙或多神奇, 事實上,我覺得希塔療癒很單純, 因為每個人皆能與造物主連結。 倩雯老師也是一位在美國加州教課的昆達里尼瑜伽教師,她是法律系充滿正義感的頭腦,卻有著一顆單純少女心,喜歡大笑。很推薦大家來上老師的課。 "

                                                                     Becky S.  Taiwan

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