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🌟 Join Vivian's Free Zoom Meditation Every Friday at 5 pm Pacific Time!

Immerse yourself in a transformative 11-minute Kundalini Yoga meditation, led by Vivian, focusing on a peace prayer for the earth and all living beings. This session involves mantra chanting and hand mudra for a holistic experience.


Mantra Translation:

  • Sat Narayan: True Sustainer

  • Wahe Guru: Indescribable Wisdom

  • Hari Narayan: Creative Sustainer

  • Sat Nam: True Identity

🌐 Open Invitation to the Public:

This Zoom meditation, instructions given in Mardarin Chinese, is open to everyone who seeks to contribute positive energy and make our world a better place.

📅 When:

Every Friday at 5 pm Pacific Time

✨ Zoom Link:

Join Meditation

Let's unite in creating a harmonious world together! Feel free to share this invitation with friends and loved ones. 🌎🙏

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