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A Typical Session Overview:

A standard session typically spans 45 to 60 minutes, the duration dependent on the pace of energy shifts during the process.

Vivian initiates each session by establishing a connection with the Creator. She then guides you into a meditative state, fostering relaxation throughout the session. Maintaining closed eyes is encouraged, enhancing the authenticity of responses emanating from the heart rather than the intellect.

While you are prompted to share the subject(s) you wish to address, there's no need to divulge your life story or personal secrets.

Throughout the session, Vivian provides transparent communication about her actions. Should the need arise to replace old beliefs with new ones, she articulates the beliefs and seeks your consent before implementation.

The session may encompass work on multiple issues, contingent upon the complexity of the concerns, your readiness to release, and other factors.

As the session concludes, Vivian facilitates integration and imparts techniques for performing an energy break.

Post-session, individuals commonly report feeling lighter, happier, more relaxed, and experiencing heightened mental clarity.

Anticipated Outcomes Following a Session:

For isolated issues, expect an immediate sense of well-being, with the problem typically resolved post-session. Stand-alone concerns, such as feeling energetically drained or uncomfortable after exposure to certain environments or individuals, can be effectively addressed.

In the case of long-term challenges, initial relief is common, but it's crucial to acknowledge that deeper layers of emotions and beliefs may emerge over time. As these aspects surface, challenges and irritations may manifest, signaling an opportune moment for further exploration and resolution.


Major life challenges yield a post-session improvement in overall well-being. Yet, be prepared for the unveiling of deeper emotional layers and beliefs that demand attention. As these layers are diligently addressed, a profound sense of lightness and improved navigation through life's journey is attainable. It's important to recognize that tackling life challenges requires sustained effort and a willingness to embrace transformative changes in your daily life.

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